Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everyone has a story...What's yours?

First off, I need to apologize.  I am a horrible blogger.  The last time I updated this thing was in February?!  February?!?!?  I am going to blame Leap Year and Daylight Savings Time.  Given the convergence of time anomalies, it is apparent that it affected my ability to work on a powerful and compelling blog post.

Okay, okay, that was BS...Honestly, I just got incredibly busy and I do not have a working home laptop.  And, I'm nervous that whenever I bring my work laptop home I'll be compelled to, ya know, work...And who wants to work more than they have to?!?!?!

So, after discovering some pretty awesome blogs (and with the goal to expand my blogosphere), I wanted to update mine.  Here are those awesome blogs I was talking about first, though -

http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/ (Her Monthly PhotoChallenge has given me purpose behind my Instagram addiction!)

(This is also my home that they will give ME a shout out and all their followers flock to my awesomeness. I mean, these people have like...4,000 followers!!!  I have 11.  They are clearly better than me.)

So, during the month off, there has been tons of inspiration and ideas that I wanted to put out into the interwebs.  I mean, I attend my weekly meeting as a member, and then I "attend" at least three other meetings working as a receptionist...and throw in Open Hours, where I get to talk to members outside of a meeting setting...there's a lot I get to think about and get inspired by.

One of the most inspiring meetings that I've been able to attend as a receptionist has been the Weight Watchers Fashion Show.  This is a meeting that Acquilynne, a leader I've attended meetings with and now work with, talks about for the entire year.  Members come to the meeting with their Before/After pictures and wear their old clothes...then walk the runway and reveal their new selves.

I did participate and it felt pretty good...and nerve-wracking.  Here I am...standing in front of a group of WW members in a sleeveless shirt and I didn't even charge them admission to the gun show.  I wore my first ever sleeveless work out shirt (An XL grey potato sack now) and stripped down to  my medium work out shirt that has been with me through a Half Marathon and a Warrior Dash.  Unfortunately, no one slipped dollar bills into my G-String.

And as part of our "reveal", we talked about ourselves or what has helped us along the journey.  I was mortified...nervous...like, literally shaking.  I had told this story tons of times, but here I am, standing with my hairy arms exposed to the world.

But, I took the opportunity to tell the members how important meetings were.  Like I've said before, if it weren't for the meetings, I wouldn't be 10 months Lifetime at Goal.  I wouldn't be meeting all these amazing people if I didn't make the choice to commit to being a Weight Watchers staff member.  Like, I think 50 pounds was hard?!?!?  Some of the members I have met have lost upwards of 100 pounds!!!  I met a woman at a meeting last week who has maintained her lifetime goal for 6 years!!!  I mean, how amazing is this?!?!

So, after the fashion show transformations...and all these incredible interactions...and great meeting topics recently ..."Positive Self Talk" a few weeks ago and "Anchoring" this week...I really just started thinking about how everyone at Weight Watchers has a story that first got them through the door, brought them back, or has kept them there.  And how lucky am I that I get to be part (even if it is a small part) of their story?!?!  Also, hearing these stories have kept me motivated and inspired and often remind me why I first stepped foot in that door and how amazing it was when I hit Lifetime for the last time.

When I am doubting my ability to continue, all I can do is think about how far I've come.  This past week was a bit of disaster. I let my emotions get the best of me and started to feel discouraged and depressed about the road ahead of me. 

I think I beat a personal record of Ben and Jerry pints consumed in a week.  I don't think it was possible to consume that much beer.  After I polished off a delicious plate of DIVE! nachos by myself...there was a moment of pride...then began the shame spiral.

But those choices don't fit anymore.  After taking a moment to reflect and having the opportunity to weigh in members of my Sunday morning meetings and seeing all their success...I refocused my energies and told myself that this new lifestyle fits me better than that plate of nachos did...and although that plate of nachos was friggin' incredible...I won't allow one plate of cheesy, crispy, delicious, chicken-covered nachos derail 10 months of hard work of achieving my goal of being a year at Lifetime goal.

In my attempt to refocus, I'm also trying new recipes from the "Best Darn Food Ever", the "AZ Veggies" and "Power Food" cookbooks available in Weight Watchers centers.  I've been posting them and my other culinary adventures on Instagram...and some people have been asking for recipes...And since I am one to work to please my 11 fans, I wouldn't be surprised if you see some food pictures coming soon.

Also, if I'm feeling ballsy, you may even get a week in the life of my Tracker.  I know...I'm even scared!!!

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Happy Tracking!


  1. I'm really proud of what you've done. But it certainly makes me refocus on the harm that I did to you as a child - big boned? husky pants? only sweats? So glad you outgrew me and grew into medium shirts....

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out Eric! Glad we bummed into each other with our Instagram obsessions! hehe :) Going to add you to my blogroll!! :)