Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meet Matt...from Melbourne...

Hey everyone,

For those of you who didn't know (all 15 of you), a few months ago I had pursued an opportunity at the University of Central Florida in their Housing and Residence Life department as an Assistant Director.  Although a lateral move, it would've provided me the opportunity to work at a large public school and really expand my horizons.  My goal has always been to move down to Florida and be closer to Disney World...and I felt this would be a great step in the right direction; I could work in a field I am skilled in while also making a huge change in my personal life.

It was all very scary.

When I left the interview, I told all my friends that I thought I had nailed it.   I was confident leaving Florida, only to receive word that they had opted to go with another candidate.

I heard (and told myself) the usual - "Everything happens for a reason"..."It wasn't meant to be"..."It just means something better will come along"..."We're upset for you but happy you're not leaving us"...

Whenever a job doesn't work out, I also tend to tell myself that I am going to change something in my life to improve my current experience.  For example, I once told myself that I would say "Yes" to any opportunity that I was offered.  But what would I do if someone invited me to dress up like a Juggallo and attend an Insane Clown Posse concert? one of those?!  Or even worse...what if a girl wanted to kiss me.  Gross.

However, about a year ago (I think), this story went semi-viral about a man in Melbourne...his name is Matt.  Please to enjoy -

Guy Gets Coffee With all of his Facebook Friends...

So, when it first came out...I said I wanted to do this.

Recently, I've also been thinking about how connected we are via social media...and how that can either really benefit relationships (I feel like I'm bonding with a lot of people over the adorable costumes they are putting their kids in)...and there are friends I've been able to reconnect with....or I can keep up with the goings on of people as they move across the country.  Heck, the only reason I was able to stay in New Orleans for free was because I connected with someone on Facebook.  And must I remind you that I was on TV because I Instragram the hell out of my food?!?!?!?

However, social media also takes away some of the value of real life friendships.  Why actually walk around and catch up with someone when you can just text them?  I find myself consciously having to put my phone away when I'm eating with friends because I am literally not invested in what is going on with them at all.  At times, I've left my phone in the car because I really want to be present in the moment with the person I'm with.   And don't even get me started on the image we put across social media and who we truly, deeply are...ya know?!

So, similar to Matt from Melbourne (the idea is fully his...and I hope he can appreciate that he is starting a one man movement)...I would like to do this.

I have almost 500 Facebook friends and it would be my privilege to get coffee with each of you.  I would like to connect again personally.

I have TWO rules -
-The ONLY reason we take our phones out is to take a picture to document the event
-We be willing to connect with each other and I be able to share details of our meeting on my blog

So, who is first?!


  1. Get your cute butt to Portland and we will have coffee for sure! And I promise, I won't try to kiss you.

  2. Let's get cafe! ☕️☕️☕️☕️