Monday, March 25, 2013

Setbacks are just set ups for a comeback... usual, it's been a while. 

And I am warning you right now...if you like clear and concise blog posts...this one is NOT for you...

I guess I could be a more faithful blogger.  For example, I've been telling myself I should post my Walt Disney World Marathon playlist...and then I realized I had a story for  I'm not sure even I have time to put that to paper.  If you are dying to know what I had on my 1st Marathon playlist, I'd be happy to post it.  Expect a lot of dance music and "Glee" covers.  Sorry, not sorry.

 At this point, I've been a marathoner for almost 3 months.  Sometimes, I'll just look at my medal plaque...and just remember what an awesome weekend it was.  Then I realize how lucky I am to have experienced so many amazing things.

Oh, speaking of Disney...Walt Disney World has gone DOPEY!!!!  Yes, folks...for 2014, Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend has gotten bigger...and yours truly could win SIX medals...all I need to do is just run 48.6 over the span of four days.  Easy, right?!? 

No, I just vomited in my mouth.  So, this year, if you run the 5k, the 10k (starring Minnie Mouse...Meh is all I have to say about her), the half marathon, and the full marathon...You successfully complete the Dopey Challenge.  Part of me is really really really really really kinda turned on by the idea of collecting SIX MEDALS...and being part of the inaugural year...

...but then I remind myself it's 4 days...of having to get up at the ass crack of run...a lot.  10k - I can handle (that's 6.2 miles for those not in the know)...I can probably do the half the next day...But then running an additional 26.2 miles the day after?!?!?  Even doing the GOOFY challenge makes we want to die a little inside...

So, there is a still an incredibly insane part of me that wants to take on this monumental undertaking...but then I think of the pain and mental anguish I'd feel...Not to mention, I can't imagine wanting to do anything but sit poolside, shoving my face with pasta and/or beer between runs.

So, I will be in Disney for WDW Marathon weekend (registration starts April 9th)...and right now, I think I'll register for the 10k (But really...RunDisney...Minnie?!?!?!?) and have to decide between the half or the full.  I am ALWAYS looking for travel/running buddies.  However, you need to be good at the whole planning thing.  I just pay the money and train for the races.

...with that being said, so many other awesome things have been going on in my life...

I will be running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler again with Jenna...It's going to be our annual tradition.  And since I was talking about vomiting in my mouth...
...I will be departing for Disney early in the morning immediately after my little sister's then run 10 miles in 80 degree heat (100% humidity, probably) at 11:00 PM dressed as Hercules. 

I believe this is where the young'uns would type something like "YOLO", right!?

...Crossfit is actually going AMAZINGLY well.  Although I still have yet to master the Power Snatch (go ahead...giggle...I do it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME)...I am getting it.  I am giving myself time to understand what I am doing there.  I am not giving up.  I even got a few Double Unders...I think it clicked for me one day after class...I had actually been successful at doing the WOD...It was push presses and pull ups or something...and the weight wasn't anything incredible...but I did it.

And I sat there and said to myself "If you aren't an alpha male, why you are you trying to lift alpha male weight?!?!?!" 

It's true.  I'm not there to compete on a world stage.  I'm there to build strength...I'm there to be part of a fitness community...and I'm there to learn.  And if I give myself time, it will come to me.

And for the first time, I actually felt like part of the community.  The competition level workout was a 500m row, a 400m run, and then 50 Double Unders.  I haven't mastered the Double, apparently, if you do single jump ropes, you need to multiply the amount of Double Unders by 3.  That's 150 jump ropes...AFTER rowing 500m and running 400m.  And we had to do it three time...

...and Mary looked at me and said "Let's do it."  And we did.  And I kicked its ass...and to have someone else cheering me on is truly what it's about it...Instead of having someone yell at me about form (which is completely okay, too, because that's where I know I need the most growth)...

It is also important to point out that with Crossfit and my AllState 13.1 Half-Marathon/Long Branch Half training (more on that later), that I feel and look the best I ever have...

So...I remind myself of this saying every time I step foot in the Box (go ahead, giggle about this one too...)

...Ya know, I'd like to shake Earl Nightingale's hand...

So, we feeling inspired?!?!?

...well, this is where the blog takes a tumble...but then uplifts you again...Stay with me, people.

For the first time since May 2011, I weighed officially as a Weight Watchers member and employee over goal.  And we aren't talking a few ounces over goal.  We are talking 7 pounds over goal (almost 4 pounds over the highest I can be.), in this information age, I went back and forth on whether I should share this fact.  It's something I'm not necessarily proud of, but I also realized (in the span of a number of car rides where I talked out loud to myself about the whole thing) that it's something I'm not ashamed of either...

I also need to make sure that this is viewed within the context that it happened -
  • I have been tracking.  I've been making the best choices I can, most of the time.
  • I have NOT been sitting home, on my couch, eating pints of Ben and Jerry's for dinner like I used to.
  • I may have gone out too frequently and not been as attentive to program while I was out, enjoying adult beverages.  However, the next day, I refocused and treated every meal as a new beginning.
  • I have been faithfully training for the NY/NJ Challenge and I have been consistently going to Crossfit.
So, with all this being said, even on weeks when I would give myself an A+ as a Weight Watchers member, I was still hovering over goal.

...there's a number of things I needed to consider...
  • My increased activity, and building muscle, may have something to do it.  HOWEVER, I am fully aware that muscle does not weigh more than fat.  A pound of fat and a pound of muscle...still weigh a pound.
  • Maybe my nights out caught up to me and I wasn't able to shed the weight as quickly as I used to.
  • I actually attempted to weigh in earlier that week, and was only .8 over the highest in my range.  In retrospect, I should've taken it.
  • I weighed in the morning after running a half-marathon...and having Chinese food for dinner (tracked and accounted for.)
...Ah yes, the half marathon...and this is where it all gets put in perspective...


...cute AND can last longer than 2 hours...
So, could I legitimately beat myself up after running my fastest half marathon?!  And like I said, I look and feel the most fit I ever have since I've lost the weight.

So, I need to put this in perspective...and the truth of the matter is, and everyone has been saying it, the scale isn't always the indicator of success.

Ultimately, I know what it will take to get back to goal....and I'm not talking the highest in my range...I am talking my actual goal weight.

The other thing that I needed to remind myself is that I will always be a Weight Watchers member...There may come a time when I won't be a Weight Watchers employee.  I need to make sure that I am putting myself first as I strive to maintain my weight loss.  Yes, it is a requirement for me to stay employed...but it is a requirement I put on myself so that I can be happy.

...and being a member, for life, may mean that some months are harder than others...I see it every week in work...sometimes, LT members have to pay.  I'm NO different from any other Weight Watchers member out there just because I work for them.  Yes, do I strive to be at goal to be a constant example to members who attend my meetings...absolutely.  But, I also think it makes me more relatable when I do struggle.

...Ultimately, I got this.  The scale doesn't dictate who I am.  It may be cliche, but what the scale says is failure, not feedback.  I am striving for progress, not perfection.  This set back is merely a set up for the quite amazing comeback.

So, god willing, I'll be alive for another 30, 40, 50 years...and Weight Watchers will always be part of my life.  As long as I can say I've been Lifetime at goal more than I haven't...I'll be okay.

And I've been at goal for almost two month doesn't change all the amazing things I've accomplished since I shed 50 pounds... won't change that I have run 6 half marathons... won't change that I hit my PR this past Saturday... won't change that I am a marathoner...and will be a 2 time marathon come November... won't change that I am a 32 waist, when I used to be a 38 waist... won't change that I FEEL and LOOK the best I ever have... won't change that I finally have confidence...(yeah, as a 30 year old, good to finally get some of that, right?) won't change that I will be on TV talking about my weight loss ('ll have to come back when it airs for the full experience write up...)

...and it can't take back, that for the first time ever in my life, I will be comfortable wearing tank tops this summer...after some important manscaping... (and I apologize in advance for the jankity dressing room the point that I took it, I had ZERO plans to share it...but, I mean, hey, I look kinda cute...)

...yes, gents...I'm single...
See you next month,