Thursday, June 25, 2015

Food Shaming and National Donut (Doughnut?) Day

Before we start, I want to make something clear.  I love food.  So very much.  I would marry pizza if I could.  I am a Ben and Jerry's connoisseur.  You're never going to convince me to give up bread or pasta or cheese ever.  EVER!!!

And if I have learned anything from being a Weight Watcher since the chubby old age of's that I can truly enjoy any food I want...and that I should eat what I want.  Because if I deprive myself, it's a diet, I get angry, I quit, I eat my feelings...vicious cycle...Cue Fat Bastard "I eat because I'm unhappy, I'm unhappy because I eat."

About 3 weeks ago, 'Murica celebrated National Donut (Doughnut?) Day.  I mean, 'Murica seems to celebrate a lot of food-related holidays these days.  The only way you wouldn't know that this very important day occurred on June 5th is if you live under a rock.

Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme were giving away free donuts.  Bless their hearts.  True heroes.

Instagram was blowing UP with the amount of artfully taken donut (doughnut) pictures (guilty as charged.)  I mean, if you can catch the light reflecting off the perfectly fallen piece of could become 'Gram famous!

And now that you can hashtag the donut (doughnut?) emoji,  ALL.BETS.ARE.OFF!

...and this is important...a bunch of people on Facebook were making it a point to either point out that they wouldn't "give in" and enjoy a donut (doughnut?) or that they were going to treat themselves to be damned.

EVERYONE - Listen up...this is important...


Eat the damn donut (doughnut?).  Have the pasta.  EAT BREAD AND CHEESE TOGETHER (aka pizza!).  PLEASE STOP feeling like you are doing something wrong by enjoying a food that makes you happy.

Now, I am not saying dive in and eat a baker's dozen of Krispy Kreme glazed by yourself (although if that's a challenge, I'll take it!)

But if you are someone who has worked hard to lose weight...or to get stronger...or to achieve muscle definition...EAT THE DAMN DONUT!(DOUGHNUT?)

You will not lose your six pack of will not all of a sudden lose your stamina to run a half will not gain back all 25 pounds you lost just because you indulged a little.

And let's be honest...if you have worked hard to achieve a fitness and wellness goal, you aren't going to eat just any donut (doughnut?) are going to eat the flakiest, fluffiest, filled with creamiest, covered in the chocolatest donut (doughnut?) you ever had.  SO EAT THE DAMN thing.

Be kind to yourself.  Indulge when you want.  It will be okay.

We are meant to eat and we need to stop publicly shaming ourselves because we are doing something that our body is biologically required to do.

EAT the DAMN DONUT (doughnut?)

Homer Simpson (and I) would approve...and look how happy he looks!